Highway Maintenance Funding Bids

Annual Progress Report – Pothole Action Fund 2017/18

The Department for Transport has identified extra funding for councils to carry out road repairs to stop the formation of potholes. 

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council received a grant of £224,000 for road repairs. This was extra funding in addition to the planned 2017/18 revenue and capital highway maintenance investment budgets of £3,420,000 

  • Capital Funding £1,890,000 
  • Revenue Funding £1,530,000 

The Council committed to publishing an annual report on its website, which will be copied to the Department for Transport, showing how much money has been spent, along with the type of activities which have been undertaken and where.

Budgets had already been set aside to deal with potholes that have formed, been reported and require attention quickly. This additional funding was used to deal with those locations that have the potential to develop into potholes or that have suffered repeated pothole formation and require localised repair.

These funds have been used to support the council’s, annual carriageway surface treatment programme and its associated pre-patching repairs.

Approximately £71,000 of this funding was invested in carriageway pre-treatment patch repairs and the remaining funds of £153,000 was used to enhance the councils micro asphalt surfacing programmes by a further 26,674m2 bringing the total investment in micro surfacing on the roads within Sefton to £492,000.

The funding allowed Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council to undertake the additional work at the following sites:

Road NameLocationExtent of WorksWork TypeCoverage m2
Sonning Avenue Litherland All Micro Surfacing 3597
South View Waterloo All Micro Surfacing 803
Stanley Park Litherland All Micro Surfacing 4438
Sussex Road Maghull All Micro Surfacing 855
The Boleyn Lydiate All Micro Surfacing 368
The Cleves Lydiate All Micro Surfacing 346
The Close Crosby All Micro Surfacing 401
The Crescent Waterloo All Micro Surfacing 809
Tinsley Avenue Southport All Micro Surfacing 1457
Victoria Road Waterloo All Micro Surfacing 1873
Victoria Street Southport All Micro Surfacing 838
Waterloo Road Waterloo All Micro Surfacing 1598
Weld Road Southport Lulworth Rd To York Rd Micro Surfacing 2918
Wellington Street Southport All Micro Surfacing 548
Wesley Street Waterloo All Micro Surfacing 1123
West Meade Maghull All Micro Surfacing 2725
Westmoreland Ave Netherton All Micro Surfacing 291
York Street Waterloo All Micro Surfacing 1314

Last Updated on 26 November 2018