Ainsdale Hope Travel Training Centre

Ainsdale Hope Travel Training Centre is a bespoke facility to support the delivery of travel training together with travel awareness and road safety. In addition to a classroom the centre also comprises a practical outdoor training area. This features a simulated highway scene including a fully operational pedestrian crossing and bus stop which enables basic road safety skills to be taught and practiced in a safe, traffic free environment. 

While the primary focus is in supporting travel travel training, the facility can also be used for road safety and travel awareness and extended to primary schools teaching road safety skills and pedestrian training and the 'wheels for all' adapted cycles. 

Sefton Travel's training programme works with young people who may need additional support to use public transport, such as those with leaning, mental health or physical disabilities. Training is in group sessions or a one-to-one basis.

Key features

Last Updated on 17 June 2016