Traffic counts

In Sefton, we make a huge amount of traffic information available through our Breathing Space website.

The information provided is from two main types of traffic counts, permanent and temporary. Both types are passing counts, i.e. they count the numbers of vehicles passing a fixed point. For specific studies of particular junctions, it is also possible to collect turning counts (the numbers of vehicles turning from one road into another), but only passing count data are provided on the website at the moment.

Permanent count sites
There are twenty-two permanent traffic count sites in Sefton (plus one just outside the Borough boundary), mainly located on the major roads. These sites continuously record the numbers of vehicles passing them. You can get maps showing the locations of our permanent count sites from our Local transport maps page.

Temporary count sites
Temporary traffic counts usually last for 1 or 2 weeks and can be done on any roads in the Borough. They are usually set up in response to specific requests from Council officers who need to know about traffic conditions on particular roads. They can be undertaken in response to specific issues or schemes, for example, in relation to proposed road safety or traffic management schemes, air quality assessments, tourism studies, development proposals etc. Some sites in Southport and Bootle are also being counted on a regular basis as part of the traffic monitoring element of the Local Transport Plan.

Both methods record hourly counts for both directions. The results can be used to provide an overall average daily traffic figure or to build up a picture of traffic through the day, between weekdays and weekends and for either direction on the road.

Last Updated on 23 January 2014