Broom’s Cross Road (Thornton to Switch Island Link)

A5758 Broom’s Cross Road

The A5758 Broom’s Cross Road was opened to traffic on Wednesday 19 August 2015.

A map of the new link road and the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan prepared for the scheme are available to download below.

The Council will be reviewing the amount of traffic using the new route and comparing the actual amount of traffic with the amount that was predicted as part of the monitoring report to the Department for Transport.

The full cost of the scheme, including all the planning and design work was about £20.4m. The Department for Transport provided £14.5m and the Council funded the remaining £5.9m. The scheme is estimated to provide £140-200 million of benefits over the next 60 years, so it provides very good value for money.

The new road will be the responsibility of the Council. The Council will be responsible for maintaining the road, the street lights, the verge and the drainage ponds.

General queries – Sefton Customer Contact Centre: 0345 140 0845

Problems with the traffic lights – Sefton Urban Traffic Control Team: 0151 934 3999


Brooms Cross Road Opening Leaflet (pdf 757KB)
Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (pdf 7.01MB)
Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (Figures and Appendices) (pdf 7.54MB)
Thornton Switch Alignment (pdf 6.2MB)

Last Updated on 03 May 2017