School Closures


COVID-19 School Closures

Update following announcement from the Prime Minister 10/05/2020

Letter from the Executive Director of Children’s Social Care and Education

Letter from Executive Director of Children’s Social Care and Education (word 89KB)

We will work together with our Public Health team, HR, headteachers and unions to make sure that we are all working together to open the schools in the safest way for everyone concerned.

We will continue to work in partnership with you all as we move to the re-opening of our schools and the children returning.

We will ensure that the support that is needed will be there to help you all with the next hurdle in our battle with Covid-19.


Easter Holidays Update 

The vast majority of schools across Sefton will remain open over the Easter Holidays, and where necessary over the Bank holiday period too, for those children who are vulnerable or are the children of key workers.

The expectation is that children who have been attending school since Friday, March 20, will continue to attend their own usual schools.

In the rare event that a school will not be opening to these children over Easter, head teachers are already contacting parents and carers who will be affected and informing them of another nearby setting where their child(ren) will be accommodated.

Schools which remain open will be implementing a staffing rota system so that teaching staff can also have some time off work.

If they have any questions parents/carers should speak to their children’s head teacher in the first instance however Sefton Education team can also be contacted on 0345 140 0845

Last Updated on 14 May 2020

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