Public registers

Register of seized dogs  - The Environmental  Protection (Stray Dogs) Regulations 1992

The following are the prescribed particulars to be contained in the register of seized dogs which is available for public inspection:

(a) a brief description of each dog, including its breed (if known), and any distinctive physical characteristics or markings, tattoos or scars;

(b) any information which is recorded on a tag or collar worn by, or which is otherwise carried by, the dog;

(c) the date, time and place of the seizure;

(d) where a notice has been served pursuant to section 149(4), the date of service of the notice, and the name and address of the person on whom it has been served;

(e) where the officer disposes of the dog pursuant to section 149(6)—

(i) the date of disposal;

(ii) whether disposal was by destruction, gift or sale, and if by sale, the price obtained;

(iii) the name and address of the purchaser, donee or person effecting the destruction; and

(f) where the dog was returned to a person claiming to be its owner, the name and address of that person, and the date of return.

Last Updated on 24 July 2018