Environmental Protection

Dog warden

The dog warden will carry out the following duties:

  • Respond to requests for service relating to dangerous / aggressive dogs. The Dog warden will also liaise with the Police on the identification of banned breeds and the enforcement of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
  • Respond to requests for service relating to stray, lost, or found dogs. Where possible within the resource available, the Dog Warden will also undertake targeted patrols of the Borough to detain stray dogs and assist owners who have lost their dogs.
  • Respond to requests for service relating to the Public Space Protection Order [Dog Control] 2017. Where possible within the resource available.

Stray dogs

If you wish to report a stray or lost dog during working hours please contact the Council.

If you wish to report a stray or lost dog after 4pm or at weekends/bank holidays, please contact Animal Wardens Ltd on 0151 374 2174. The Animal Wardens will only collect a stray dog if it has been secured.

Our Dog Warden will investigate reports of and collect stray dogs wherever possible. If the keeper of the dog can be identified then we will look to return the dog to its keeper. There is a charge for this service (£36).

If we cannot identify or contact the keeper then the dog will be taken to our kennel facility.

Stray dogs are kept at our kennel facility for 7 days for their keeper to claim. Re-homing or euthanasia of the dogs will be carried out after this period.

In order to reclaim their dog, the keeper  must contact Animal Wardens on 0151 374 2174 and pay a reclaim fee in full before the dog will be returned.

  • If a dog is reclaimed within 48 hours of arriving at the kennels, the reclaim fee is £71.00 per dog.
  • If a dog is reclaimed after 48 hours of arriving at the kennels, the reclaim fee is £110.00 per dog.

If you are worried about a dangerous breed or a dog that is out of control, please contact your local police station on 0151 709 6010.

It is a legal requirement that all dogs must wear a collar and tag (even if microchipped) when in a public place. The tag must be inscribed with the name and address of the owner.

Public Space Protection Order [Dog Control] 2017

This Dog Control Order came into force on the July 14, 2017

The following requirements / restrictions summarised below are included within the Order

  • Failure to remove your dog’s fouling forthwith. 
  • Restrict the number of dogs that can be walked by one person to a maximum of 6 dogs on or off the lead. 
  • Prohibit dogs from entering enclosed playgrounds. 
  • Prohibit dogs from entering marked or fenced sports pitches during specified times. 
  • Dogs to be kept on a lead within defined picnic sites and family areas in parks. 
  • Dogs to be kept on a lead within all designated carriageways (A and B classified Road) and footways. 
  • Dogs to be kept on a lead within all cemeteries and crematoria. 
  • Dogs to be placed on a lead when directed by an authorised officer to prevent a nuisance or behaviour by the dog likely to cause annoyance or disturbance to members of the public. 
  • Dog leads must be no greater than 2 metres in length when used in the locations specified above. 

A £75 fixed penalty notice (£50 if paid within 10 days) can be issued if you fail to comply with the requirement / restrictions within the Order.


It is not possible to formally appeal against a fixed penalty notice issued for PSPO dog control offences.

However if you wish to make representations about the fixed penalty notice that has been issued by the Council's contractor (NSL Ltd) then in the first instance you should make contact  via email: fpn.nsl@sefton.gov.uk  or writing to 2nd Floor Pavilion Buildings, 99-105 Lord Street, Southport, PR8 1RJ. 


Map Outlines (pdf 1.54MB)
Parks Greenspace Restrictions (pdf 453KB)
PSPO Dog Control Order (pdf 1.46MB)
Carriageways: A and B Roads (pdf 364KB)

Last Updated on 30 April 2019