Strategy, Implementation Plan and Reports

Sefton Climate Emergency Strategy

Following the declaration, a strategy document has been developed.  The strategy provides the basis from which future plans develop and represents a commitment from Sefton Council to taking action.


The strategy sets out seven key principles which make up our CLIMATE acronym. The principles will guide our actions and future activities:

Carbon Reduction








By 2030, we will have:

  • Established a clear baseline and full audit of all ongoing work that can contribute to the achievement of our net zero target.
  • Developed ambitious yet achievable targets for each of our proposed action plans based on our baseline evidence.
  • Achieved net carbon zero by 2030 and ensure all strategic decisions are in line with this target.
  • Raised awareness of the issues across the Council, our partners and our communities.
  • Engaged with young people and the wider community.
  • Embed climate action and value into our decision making across the organisation.


Climate Emergency Implementation Plan

Following approval of the strategy, a Climate Emergency Implementation Plan has been developed setting out our actions in response to the Climate Emergency.

The Implementation Plan covers three 3 year phases to align with the Council’s financial planning cycle (shown below).  This provides us with the opportunity to review and revise our approach as opportunities arise.

Phase 1 2020 – 2023;

Phase 2 2023 – 2026; 

Phase 3 2026 -2029.

You can read our implementation plan here

Annual Reports

In our strategy, we commit to an Annual Report in July to update on work towards our 2030 target. 

Last Updated on Thursday, February 25, 2021

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