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Accessible Information for COVID-19

COVID-19 Information and Resources in Accessible Formats 

It is important that every member of our community feels they have access to information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Using the Website

Users with accessibility needs can use the Recite Me software to customise the website to meet their needs 

You can use Recite Me to:

  • Read website pages out loud – in different voices and languages
  • Increase and decrease the size of the text
  • Change the type-style – including into a Dyslexic-friendly font
  • Change the screen colours and contrast
  • Use an on-screen magnifying glass
  • Add a ruler to help keep your place on the page
  • View pages in a text-only mode
  • Download audio files of page contents.

To use the service, visitors to the website just need to click on Listen and Translate at the top of every page.

You will then see a toolbar of functions that will help make the pages more accessible for them in multiple ways. There is also a user guide to tell you more and an option to switch the service on and off.


Resources for People with Accessibility Issues/ Additional Needs

Find accessible information for those who require additional information and support here.

This list will be regularly updated as new resources become available.


Mencap offer help and advice if you have a learning disability or care for someone who does. They also offer a dedicated helpline and an online community. 

People First Merseyside is a self advocacy organisation for people with learning disabilities. 

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation have resources and support for families. Supporting children and families with severe learning disabilities is challenging, it is harder during a pandemic. The CBF have produced this easy to follow advice and guidance for families and carers supporting anyone with a learning disability. 



National Autistic Society is a charity which amongst its many functions advises around Autism Spectrum conditions.  You can find Sefton specific services through the National Autistic Society and advice on coronavirus. 

Autistica offer tips and advice on how to cope during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

Hearing Impairment

The Deaf Health Charity provide daily updates in BSL 

Merseyside Society for Deaf People  offer support during the Coronavirus situation

Visual Impairments

The COVID-19 pandemic may be causing you many additional challenges but there is support available. 

It is vital that if you are concerned about attending eye clinic appointments, you can still access help. Hospitals have rearranged their clinics to reduce the risk and minimise contact with other patients and staff. You can always call the hospital to seek advice. If you have a sudden change in your vision or new symptoms, contact your optician or eye doctor immediately. It is important you seek help, please don’t ignore symptoms.

Additionally, charities are offering excellent support during COVID-19.

RNIB have a helpline (0303 123 9999) open on weekdays (from 8am-8pm) and on Saturdays (from 9am-5pm).

In addition to help and advice on living with sight loss, advisers can connect you to local support, and assist you in signing up to telephone and online groups that may offer a source of comfort in these times. Through the same number, you can also access pre-recorded information on the Coronavirus and the Government’s response.

Guide Dogs are providing answers and information for people with sight loss and their families during the Coronavirus outbreak. They can help you identify ways to continue living actively, independently and well, refer you to their other services or help you access services by other providers. Please call 0800 781 1444 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Guide Dogs have also changed the way it provides services in response to social distancing. For example, Guide Dogs staff can now arrange to contact you regularly by phone to provide individual support through the social isolation period.  

Galloways in Southport will operate during the Coronavirus situation, for full information in audible format, click here. 

The RNIB have produced a letter addressed to all those people with a visual impairment containing important information during COVID-19.

Deaf Blind

Deaf Blind offer support and accessible information for those who need it. For more info, click here. 

Guide Dogs also provide support for DeafBlind customers. Those who use BSL should contact Guide Dogs via the website and click on the SignVideo logo on the right hand side, or through a SignVideo app. This connects you to a SignVideo interpreter who will then connect to the information line.

It is important that every member of our community feels they have access to information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19).

In the first instance, users with alternative language needs can use the Recite Me software to customise the website to meet their needs. 

Additionally, if English is not your first language and you would prefer information in your native language, we have a dedicated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Multi Language page here.


The NHS have produced a Migrant Health Guide to help with any queries ranging from eligibility for testing to access to medical care. All migrants should be aware that no immigration checks will be enforced during testing or treatment for COVID-19 and anyone with symptoms is urged to seek medical help. 

Doctors of the World have translated the latest advice into 49 languages and is available in written and video formats.


The document below has information for the Gypsy/Traveller community on keeping safe during COVID19 and useful contacts and support 

GT Community Info (pdf 408KB)


For general support, visit the Irish Community Care website 

For support in Sefton, email Debbie.Meadows@sefton.gov.uk in the Housing Team 

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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