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Council Tax Support Fund

On 19 December 2022, the Government announced that Councils would be allocated additional funding to support the most vulnerable households in England. This will be distributed in the form of a reduction to Council Tax Bills.

Council Tax payers who are currently receiving help from the Council Tax Reduction scheme will be eligible for additional help.

No. The Council will allocate the reduction automatically.

You can receive up to £25 in additional support. If the balance of your Council Tax account for 2023-24, after any other discounts have been applied, is less than £25 you will receive a lower amount that reduces your Council Tax demand for 2023-24 to Nil.

If your Council Tax bill is already Nil after all other discounts have been applied you will not be eligible for the additional support.

Yes. The support is a discount on the amount of your Council Tax charges. If applying the additional support results in an overpayment you will be able to claim a refund.

No. The additional support will be calculated after all other discounts you are eligible for have been applied to your Council Tax account.

No. The additional support is not a payment but a discount on your Council Tax liability.

If your claim for Council Tax Reduction is agreed the additional support will be added to your Council Tax account automatically up to the maximum of £25.

The additional support is for 2023-24 only. If your Council Tax bill for 2023-24 is already discounted to Nil you will not be eligible for the additional support.

A limited amount of funding is available. Please refer to the Council Tax Discretionary Policy April 2023, paragraph 5.4 for further details.

Last Updated on Monday, November 20, 2023

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