Council Tax 1

Through the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, on a low income have to pay a lower amount. 

People applying to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme are means tested to see if they qualify.

Find out if you could qualify and make a claim here.

Pensioner payments

You are classed as a pensioner if you have reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit (or if you are a couple and one of you has reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit). 

The qualifying age for Pension Credit is the age when you first qualify for your State Pension. You can get more details about this on the Government's website.

If you or your partner receives one of the following benefits: 

  • Income Support
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Universal Credit

you will not be classed as being a pensioner, regardless of you or your partner’s actual age, for the purposes of calculating Council Tax Reduction

If you are not classed as a pensioner, you are classed as being of working age.

Debt advice 

Anyone who needs help with managing debt can get advice from the Greater Merseyside Money Advice Partnership by

2022-23 Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Sefton Council has decided to continue with the 2021-22 Council Tax Reduction Scheme in 2022-23. More details can be found in the Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2022-23 document in the downloads area of this page.

In March 2022, there were around 15,000 working age residents in the borough who claim help with their Council Tax through the scheme.


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