Cared for and care experienced young people

If you’re familiar with the term ‘cared for’ and find those words used to describe you, it will mean that you are in care, either with your local authority, in this case Sefton Council, or with a foster family.

As a young person in Sefton, it is the responsibility of Sefton Children’s Social Care to make sure that you are safe, have somewhere to live, are cared for in a stable environment and feel valued as an individual.


It’s Good to be MAD

A big part of feeling valued is feeling like you have a voice and are listened to. In 2007 a group of young people in care and care experienced came together with the help of Sefton Council’s Corporate Parenting Board to create the MAD Group.

MAD stands for Making A Difference – the group is open to anyone age 14 years of age and over who is looked after or a care experienced.

The aim of MAD is to support all cared for children and care experienced young people to influence change in their lives, their communities and have a say on how local services are developed and delivered to them.

At the moment there are 20 young people signed up to the MAD Group, who regularly meet up to discuss issues they face, support each other and plan for events and projects they are involved in, such as Sefton Youth and the No Limits Challenge Awards for children cared for.

The MAD group also meet every three months with the Chief Executive of Sefton Council and the Strategic  Director of Children and Adult Social Care.


Support for care experienced young people

In Sefton, the Care Leavers Centre is there to help you make that jump to living independently. Based in Waterloo, they have a friendly, dedicated team who will give you advice and support to help make your transition to living on your own a smooth one.

More than a place that will help move from care to your own home, the staff at the Care Leavers Centre can also open doors to training opportunities and finding work to support yourself. They also give you lots of useful advice and support with your health, well-being and personal safety.

You can get in touch with Sefton Care Leavers Centre on 07932 433 010 or by email You can also Like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter – you can contact them privately using either of these channels


Useful Info

As as young person in care or as a care experienced, the following documents are very useful and will help you

Financial Support

Who Cares Trust Factsheet 

Care Leavers Entitlements

Pathway Planning Factsheet

Assessment of Need Factsheet

Leaving Care Representations

Care Leaver Categories Factsheet

Personal Records


Useful websites 

BECOME is a charity for children in care and young care experienced. They provide help, support and advice to help you unleash your potential and take control of your life. For more information, visit the BECOME website 

Citizens Advice provide information and guidance about your rights as a looked-after child or young person. They can also help you with other issues such as housing, welfare benefits and legal matters. Visit the Citizens Advice website for more info

The Children’s Legal Centre provides free representation, legal information, and advice to children, young people, their families, carers. Visit the Children's Legal Centre website for more info. 

The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) can give you information, advice and legal representation. Contact them for free on 0808 808 1001 Weekdays 9am – 8pm or on Saturdays 10am – 4pm or by email  For more information, visit the NYAS website 

Last Updated on Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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