Schools Forum

The purpose of the Schools Forum is to provide some strategic direction to the Local Authority in particular, around the funding of Sefton schools, including;

  • consideration of the schools’ formula funding;
  • funding for High Needs;
  • Early Years and Central Support services.

The Schools Forum has a small number of decision-making powers, mostly around schools funding, for example de-delegation of school funding, and Central provision for a range of permitted services and contingencies; and it also acts in a consultative capacity.

The Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has publish detailed guidance on the operation of a Schools Forum, including general make-up of a Forum, and its decision-making powers. In addition, there is a useful high-level summary of the powers and responsibilities. The link to these documents is provided below for information:

Membership of the Schools Forum may consist of a mixture of School and non-school representatives.

School representatives are drawn from headteachers and governors proportional to pupil numbers between Maintained and Academy schools across the phases, as well as representatives from Special Schools and PRUs.

Other external providers such as PVI Nurseries and Post 16 FE providers, LA Members and Trade Union representatives may also be represented on the Schools Forum.

Last Updated on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

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