Collection days

  • People should continue to put their bins out as normal until advised otherwise. We are prioritising refuse collection and we’re still operating as Business as Usual for the time being. We ask local people to please be patient with our teams as services may take longer than usual at this time. Please don’t contact us about a missed bin as the service may be running a day behind in some areas. Please be considerate when parking cars, allowing space for the bin wagons to get through, and please look after your neighbours and put their bins out for collection if they need support during this time.

Please enter either your full postcode or street name to find out when your waste or recycling is due to be collected

Or select from the

What you need to know

  • All recycling can go together in the brown bins or hessian sacks
  • Please note that green wheelie bins can be emptied up until 8pm on collection days
  • Residents must not put any extra bags of general waste or recycling at the kerbside for collection
  • Residents must ensure that the lids of their bins are fully closed when out for collection

If you have any additional waste or recycling that will not fit into your bin with a closed lid please take it to the nearest tip

If your address doesn't appear on the above schedule please complete the property not on bin schedule form. 

To report a missed collection, please wait until after 5pm on collection day or 8pm for Green Bin collections before you report it using the appropriate link in the menu. We could be late, but on our way.



Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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