Cycle routes and ideas

There are a range of different types of cycle routes in Sefton. They include:

  • off road cycleways - surfaced routes dedicated specifically for cycling
  • off road shared footpath and cycle paths - surfaced routes intended for shared use between pedestrians and cyclists
  • on road cycle lanes - cycle routes provided along existing roads, identified by signing and road marking 
  • on road advisory routes - roads suitable for cycling and part of longer routes, identified only by signing

Wheels for all, is an initiative that offers cycling opportunities for people with disabilities available at Litherland Sports Park, Dune Leisure Centre and Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre.

Cycle your way back to a healthy lifestyle with this 10 week cycle course, for people who have suffered ill health or would just like to improve their health and wellbeing. The programme is accessible through your exercise on prescription GP referral scheme or contact the Travel Awareness and Safety team on 0151 934 4638 or email

Active Cycling’s Free Wheeling provides free cycle hire for residents of Sefton, over 16 years of age. It encourages physical activity within the community, whilst also reducing the number of car journeys individuals make. There are 7 centres involved in the scheme, contact them for more information or to book:

  • Formby Pool Project Office - 01704 879366
  • Ainsdale Discovery Centre - 0151 934 2967 
  • Bootle Leisure Centre - 0151 330 3301 
  • Crosby Leisure Centre - 0151 932 9080 
  • Dunes Splash World - 01704 537160 
  • Litherland Sports Park - 0151 288 6288 
  • Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre - 0151 966 6868