Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather: What You Need To Know 

From time to time Sefton, given its coastal location, is exposed to high winds and stormy conditions.

This weather will often lead to Met Office Yellow & Amber alerts, meaning there will be a need for communities to take action to look after themselves and others.

Recently Sefton was considerably impacted by Storm Eunice and Storm Franklin, causing significant disruption to a number of services.

What can happen?

If weather conditions become really bad it's possible that some roads, parks and shopping arcades could be temporarily closed.

Trees may be blown over and it is likely you could see significant damage to properties and land across Sefton. 

In extreme cases some services, like schools and public transport, may be temporarily suspended.

How will I know?

With any serious weather alerts, Sefton Council and its partners will work together to keep our communities up to date with the latest information, advice and guidance in order to keep you safe.

We will use our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook to post regular updates and share messages from partners, as well as regularly updating this web page.

Is this dangerous?

With precautions taken and journeys limited, many residents will only face minor disruptions during a storm.

However we often will advise people stay away from coastal areas, especially our beaches and unsheltered areas when the weather is poor.

Some roads could become blocked by fallen debris or trees.

Be aware that a storm may cause significant damage to weakened/loose structures like roof tiles, fences and chimney stacks and this may not be immediately noticeable.


Last Updated on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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