Forest & Beach School sessions

Sefton Coast & Countryside are now offering Forest & Beach School sessions on the wonderful Sefton Coast, led by experienced, fully trained Forest School leaders.

Free Forest School taster sessions are available until the end of February 2017.

Sessions are available during the school day or after school, however availability is limited so book early.

Sessions will be led by one of our Forest School leaders and will include a range of activities, such as den building, weaving, whittling, mini-beast hunts, using tools and scavenger hunts, at one of many coastal or woodland sites within Sefton.

Forest & Beach School takes place every day all year, whatever the weather (unless extremes are forecast) we simply put up shelters and have fun!

These taster sessions are a great way to introduce you and your children to Forest School, so why not make time to enjoy a free session!

What others say:

“We feel that taking part in these sessions really boosts the children's self esteem; children who are hesitant in class actively take part in discussions and show confidence in sharing their ideas.”

“Using tools allows children to experience trust; risk assessments are built into every step and children learn how to assess risk for themselves in a controlled environment.”

“They look forward to the sessions talking enthusiastically about den-building, jewellery-making, tree-climbing, making sculptures, creating new games and so much more.” Woodlands Primary, Formby

“Our six week venture in the woods at Formby has helped the children's learning and we would love to continue in the future with other children as it helped develop children’s confidence and well-being.

There were many rich learning opportunities which supported children to take risks and explore, helping them to develop and learn in different ways. Knowledge was imparted too, talking about the plants, the insects and why things happen, as well as opportunities for activities like climbing trees which could not happen at nursery helping gross motor skills. ‘On site’ observations supported the key carers children’s developmental files.” Next Steps Community Nursery, Waterloo

What is Forest School & Beach School?

Forest School & Beach School is for everyone! It often gives those children that struggle in the classroom a different experience, through hands on learning in the outdoors. It enhances and supports their mainstream education, whilst extensive research shows that individuals improve self-esteem, language, empathy, attention and problem solving skills.

Forest & Beach School activities also help to improve physical fitness and overall health and well-being. Child led activities enable the children to discover the natural environment and increase their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Children explore using their senses, looking for bugs and evidence of other animals in the woodlands. The new skills they learn with their hands, such as knots, weaving, using tools and working with natural materials, can give them increased self-confidence and awareness of the needs of others.  Children learn about risk and how to manage it, through activities such as balancing on logs and tree climbing (fully supervised of course!), as well as problem solving and collaboration.

Sessions are specifically tailored to suit the needs of the children taking part, whilst meeting learning criteria for teachers, our overall aim is to make the sessions fun and exciting.


Charges: Each session lasting 2-2.5hrs will cost £125, usually booked in blocks of 6.

Group size:  usually up to 15 children, but please contact us to discuss further.

Location: Sessions can take place at Lifeboat Road, Formby, Crosby Nature Trail, Rimrose Valley Country Park or in your school grounds.


Last Updated on 15 August 2017