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Reduced beach car parking and tidal closures 2022

Please note: our beach car parks at Southport and Ainsdale will close for the season at the end of the day on 30th September 2022. 

Beach car parks at Southport and Ainsdale are generally open every day between 1st April and 30th September each summer. However, they do need to close or be reduced in size depending on tidal and weather conditions, sometimes for organised events (such as the Southport Air Show) and at other times as determined by the Council (e.g. pollution incidents).

We also need to take close note of the weather conditions, especially wind direction and strength – certain conditions may require further closures. 

Beach car park closure 15.09.22

Southport beach car park remains closed following recent high tides. The car park is currently unsuitable for parking due to a layer of wet silty mud that could cause vehicles to get stuck or lose control.

We are reviewing the car park on a daily basis, and as soon as conditions become safe, we will reopen the beach car park.

Ainsdale beach car park remains open and will be throughout the weekend, including the bank holiday Monday 19th September.


Beach car parking charges for 2022:

  • £8 per day for cars at Southport beach
  • £10 per day for cars at Ainsdale beach
  • £16 per day for horseboxes or minibuses
  • 50% off the above rates after 4pm subject to car parking management arrangements
  • £30 season ticket for Sefton residents and those who drive an electric or hybrid vehicle
  • £60 season ticket for non-Sefton residents

Season tickets can be purchased online by visiting Beach Parking – Seasonal Contract Application (

You can call 0151 934 2961 or email for further enquiries.

Other parking

A new off-beach car park for Ainsdale is in the planning process and is expected to be ready to open in 2022.

There are many other pay and display car parks in the Southport area just a short walk away from the beach.

Crosby beach is backed by a promenade, from where you can safely view the Another Place ‘Iron Men’. There are several pay and display car parks adjacent or close to the promenade.

Car parking for the beach at Formby is managed by the National Trust, who have lots of helpful tips you should read when planning your visit there. Have a look at their planning your visit page. 

Visitors should not park in residential areas and should expect a fine for anti-social, irresponsible and illegal car parking. It is a key priority for our Enforcement Officers, working alongside Merseyside Police, to tackle parking issues near the coast and resources will be increased in areas where they persist. 

Last Updated on Monday, December 12, 2022

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