Mandatory HMO Licensing

A property must be licensed under the mandatory licensing scheme if it has:

  • 3 or more occupied storeys (includes any occupied basement or attic)
  • 5 or more occupants (who comprise two or more separate family units or ‘Households’)
  • Shared amenities such as bathroom, kitchen, or toilet facilities or where all the units of accommodation are not fully self-contained (i.e. although a kitchen, bathroom or WC are provided for the tenant’s use elsewhere in the building, they are not actually situated within their unit of accommodation.)

If all three of the above apply and the premises is not exempted on other grounds(see ‘House in Multiple Occupation’) then the property must have a Mandatory HMO Licence.

To apply for a HMO licence, or renew or change an existing licence, please download the documents below and email them back to the Private Housing Team

The applicable HMO licence fees are set out in the document below:

Operating an unlicensed HMO is a criminal offence that carries a fine of up to £20,000.

In order to grant a licence we must be satisfied that:

  • The proposed licence holder is a ‘fit & proper’ person and the most appropriate person to hold the licence
  • Proper management standards are being applied at the property
  • The HMO is reasonably suitable (or can be made suitable) for occupation by the number of tenants allowed under the licence with at least the minimum prescribed standards of amenities and facilities. These include the number, type and quality of shared bathrooms, toilets and cooking facilities.

If you know a property that is not licensed, please contact Sefton Council.

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