Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner

The Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner (MPCC) has a statutory duty and electoral mandate to ensure an efficient and effective police service is delivered by the Chief Constable on behalf of the public.

In addition, the MPCC has a statutory responsibility to produce an annual budget, including setting the council tax requirement for the Police Service on Merseyside. The council tax requirement provides the balance of funding not covered by government grant.  

Setting this year’s budget has once again not been an easy task, particularly in the face of continuing financial constraints on the police service. However, by making £6.9m of savings and the utilisation of £0.9m of one-off funding, a balanced budget was set for 2017/18, resulting in a council tax requirement of £59.8m.

In council tax terms this is equivalent to £110.65 per property per year at Band A and £165.97 at Band D, a 1.95% increase on the 2016/17 current level.

The budget for 2017/18 provides sufficient resources to enable the Chief Constable to address the key priorities set out in my Police and Crime Plan.

With regard to beyond 2017/18, there still remains a very significant financial and policing challenge for the Police Service in the years ahead, with estimated savings of over £18.0m being required to be made by the end of 2021/22. Consequently, the MPCC is working closely with the Chief Constable to develop a series of reviews across all areas of business that will achieve the savings requirement, whilst keeping the precept low and ensuring Merseyside has the most resilient and effective force possible. 

Police and Crime Commissioner Budget

2016/17   2017/18  
£m   £m  
318.581 Gross Expenditure 315.792  
(1.776) Income (1.811)  
(5.462) Specific Government Grants (5.541)  
311.343 Net Operating Expenditure  308.440  
(0.318)     Contribution from Reserves         (0.150)  
311.025 Net Budget Requirement 308.290  
(122.467) Less: Police General Grant (120.756) 39.2%
(112.843) DCLG Formula Funding (111.263) 36.1%
(14.103) Local Council Tax Support Grant (14.103) 4.6%
(1.538) Legacy Council Tax Freeze Grant (1.538) 0.5%
(2.151) Collection Fund Surplus (0.795) 0.2%
(57.923) Council Tax Requirement (59.835) 19.4%
355,792 Tax Base 360,517  
£162.80 Band D Equivalent £165.97  
£3.12 Increase in Band D Equivalent £3.17 1.95%

Why Has the Gross Expenditure Changed?

Gross Expenditure 2016/17 318.581
Net Committed Growth 0.579
Pay and Prices Inflation 3.687
One-off Commitments for 2017/18 1.789
Removal of previous years One-off Commitments (1.986)
Merseyside Police Savings (6.858)
Gross Expenditure 2017/18 315.792

Why has the Council Tax Requirement Changed?

Council Tax Requirement 2016/17 57.923
Increase in Tax base 0.769
Increase in Band D Equivalent 1.143
Council Tax Requirement 2017/18 59.835

Last Updated on 04 January 2018

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