Agricultural Land Study

As part of the background information needed to inform the preparation of Sefton’s Local Plan (formerly the Core Strategy), the Council has appointed consultants to carry out an Agricultural Land Study.

This looks at the role of agriculture as part of the wider rural economy in Sefton, as well as verifying the agricultural land quality of our agricultural land. It will be used to inform the preparation of the Sefton local plan.

Sefton Agricultural Land Study (pdf 2.19MB)
Appendix 1: Recent appeal decisions (pdf 22KB)
Appendix 2: Soil Associations found in Sefton (pdf 16KB)
Appendix 3: The agricultural land classification system – climate, site and soil limitations (pdf 16KB)
Appendix 4: Description of the Green Belt ‘parcels’ (pdf 25KB)
Appendix 5: Map showing Provisional agricultural land classification for sites reassessed as part of this Study (pdf 874KB)
Appendix 6: Maps showing which sites were re-surveyed and where existing surveys were relied on (pdf 1.41MB)
Appendix 7: Maps showing auger boring and pit locations (pdf 1.94MB)
Appendix 8: Soil particle size distribution (pdf 10KB)
Appendix 9: Maps showing re-surveyed agricultural land classification gradings - First set (pdf 2.87MB)
Appendix 9: Maps showing re-surveyed agricultural land classification gradings - Second set (pdf 2.76MB)
Appendix 10: Maps showing where the agricultural land classification gradings have increased, decreased or stayed the same following re-survey (pdf 1.49MB)
Glossary (pdf 17KB)
Summary (pdf 21KB)

Last Updated on 20 September 2016

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