Pet shop licences

Any persons proposing to obtain premises to keep and sell pet animals are required to obtain a licence to do so from us under the Pet Animals Act 1951.

There are fees applicable to this process.

Persons proposing to obtain premises to keep and sell pet animals.

The ‘pet’ must be an ‘animal’ and an animal for the purposes of the Act includes ‘any description of vertebrate’ i.e. mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Non-vertebrates are not covered by the Act. The animal must also be a pet which is not defined by the Act. The dictionary definition (Shorter Oxford 1933) is any animal that is domesticated or tamed and kept as a favourite, or treated with fondness. It follows that animals kept for food whether by humans or other animals are excluded from the Act.

All licences expire on 31st December each year, no matter when they are granted.

Yes, to the Magistrates Court. The Court can give such directions as it thinks fit.