What is a coroner?

A Coroner is an Independent Judicial Officer empowered to enquire into sudden, unnatural or violent deaths.

Inquest Listings for H M Coroner’s Court

Name Age Date Court Start time Venue
Kathryn LYON 52 Years 26th June 2018 10.00am St Helens Town Hall
Roy BARROW 44 Years 26th June 2018 10.15am St Helens Town Hall
Colin ROWSON 51 Years 26th June 2018 10.30am St Helens Town Hall
George HOBAN 50 Years 26th June 2018 10.45am St Helens Town Hall
John WALSH 20 Years 26th June 2018 11.00am St Helens Town Hall
Donna BROWN 44 Years 26th June 2018 11.15am St Helens Town Hall
Andrew BALL 29 Years 26th June 2018 11.30am St Helens Town Hall
Leia MEALEY 4 Months 29th June 2018 2.00pm Southport Town Hall
Adam WOOD 19 Years 3rd July 2018 2.00pm Southport Town Hall

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Last Updated on 15 January 2018