Brownfield Land Register 2017

The Council is required by Government to produce a Brownfield Land Register. The purpose of the register is to identify suitable brownfield sites that are available for housing development or housing led mixed use development. It will also help to provide publicly available information on suitable brownfield sites. 

Brownfield land is previously developed land, normally in the urban area, although occasionally previously developed land can be found in the countryside. 

The Brownfield Land Register comprises two parts.

Part 1 identifies suitable brownfield sites for housing for 5 or more dwellings. Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean that the site would be granted planning permission.

Part 2 is a list of sites that have been granted planning permission in principle. The Council does not have any sites on the Part 2 Brownfield Land Register. When there are sites to be included on Part 2 of the register to grant permission in principle, appropriate local consultation will take place. 

The Council have produced a list of sites for Part 1 of the Brownfield Land Register. These can be viewed or downloaded from the links below. Most either have an existing planning permission or are parts of Local Plan allocations. It is the intention to review the register at least annually and to add to, and expand the list on Part 1 of the Brownfield Land Register in the future.

The register is available to download below:

Sefton Council Brownfield Land Register 2017 - Part 1 (csv format)

Sefton Council Brownfield Land Register 2017 - Part 1 (xlsx format)

Sefton Council Brownfield Land Register 2017 - Part 1 (pdf format) - key attributes only

In addition, the table below lists every site in the register. By clicking on the Site Ref of any record a new window will open to display the site boundary within an interactive mapping system. This system will also allow the user to dislpay a wide range of related map layers including Local Plan policies, planning applications etc.


Site Ref Site Name Street name Settlement
B0096 Former Service Station, 146 Park Lane Netherton
B0115 Klondyke Ph2&3 Monfa Road Bootle
B0128 1 Well Lane Bootle
B0150 240 Hawthorne Road Bootle
B0154 Land adj to St Monicas Parochial Stewart Avenue Bootle
B0155 129 Sterrix Lane Netherton
B0156 50 Sandy Road Crosby & Hightown
B0159 Land at Pendle Drive Pendle Drive Bootle
B0160 Land at Former Bootle High School Brown's Lane Bootle
B0163 Former People’s site Linacre Lane Bootle
B0188 Bootle Gasworks Litherland Road Bootle
B0212 NH Part Land betw'n Litherland Rd & Well Lane Bootle
B0214 Z Blocks Site B Buckley Hill Lane Netherton
B0216 Z Blocks Site C Buckley Hill Lane Netherton
B1218 Former Johnsons Cleaners Mildmay Road Bootle
B71 Site 4, Club, Depot & 501-509 Hawthorne Road Bootle
C0110 39a St Johns Road Crosby & Hightown
C0132 Land and premises at Kilnyard Road Crosby & Hightown
C0145 Church Hall, 17 Mersey Road Crosby & Hightown
F0172 Ambulance Station Church Road Formby
F0214 Mayflower Industrial Estate Liverpool Road Formby
F142 Mushroom Farm, 8-10 Cable Street Formby
L0025 Church Hall and land adjacent Orrell Road Bootle
L0028 Former St Wilfrid’s School Orrell Road Bootle
L0029 Kirkstone Hotel Moss Lane Netherton
L0031 Former Litherland Methodist Church Wilsons Lane Netherton
L238 Site of Sefton Works Field Lane Netherton
M0039 Fmr Ashworth Hospital Site (South) School Lane Sefton East
M0045 Oak Lea Racing Stables Southport Road Sefton East
M0050 Land South of Spencers Lane Spencers Lane Sefton East
M0077 101 Liverpool Road Sefton East
M0079 Brooklands Farm Brewery Lane Sefton East
S0112 Land w of Southport & Formby DGH Town Lane Southport
S0115 Sunshine House, 2 Oxford Road Southport
S0120 51-53 Alexandra Road Southport
S0211 113A Norwood Road Southport
S0227 40 Alexandra Road Southport
S0247 18-20 Granville Road Southport
S0258 Former Phillip's Factory Balmoral Drive Southport
S0294 55A Banastre Road Southport
S0297 Former Kew Park and Ride Crowland Street Southport
S11 Town Lane - David Wilson Homes sch Town Lane Southport
S446 8 Oxford Road Southport



Last Updated on 05 January 2018