Liverpool City Region
Strategic Housing and Employment Land Market Assessment (SHELMA)

A draft version of the Liverpool City Region Strategic Housing and Employment Land Market Assessment (SHELMA) has been published by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and West Lancashire Council, and you are invited to provide technical comments on the study for the Councils to consider before the study is finalised.

The draft SHELMA looks at the latest demographic data and projections, the latest economic data and projections, and recent market evidence to consider what the appropriate Objectively-Assessed Need for housing and employment land is for the Liverpool City Region and West Lancashire as a whole and for each Council area individually, for the period 2012-2037. As part of the City Region devolution arrangements, this is an important step in identifying the housing and employment land needs that will form part of the City Region’s Single Spatial Framework and will also be a material consideration in the future revision of each council’s Local Plan.

The SHELMA also identifies the most up-to-date view of the Housing Market Area that each council sits within, and identifies that the seven councils covered by the study make up the Liverpool City Region Functional Economic Market Area. In addition, within the draft SHELMA is an assessment of the anticipated demand for large-scale logistics (B8) uses across the study area to 2037 and an assessment of the potential for existing employment allocations to help meet this demand.

Given the importance of this evidence, we wish to invite your technical comments on the study in relation to its draft findings, whether the methodology used is appropriate and on whether there is any other data available which should be considered in the assessments made in the draft SHELMA. If you have concerns about any aspect of the study, please make it clear what you would to do to improve the study or make it more robust, including providing any relevant data or methodological approach.

The Liverpool City Region acknowledges the recent release of the Government’s consultation “Planning for the Right Homes in the Right Places: Consultation Proposals”. We would welcome your views on how the method being consulted on by the government can be taken account of by the LCR draft SHELMA.

The draft SHELMA is available to view and download at:- (under the Spatial Planning etc section)

and you are invited to submit your comments by email to:-

Please ensure your comments are received by 5pm on Tuesday 31st October 2017.


Last Updated on 05 October 2017