Autism SAF

Each local authority has a duty to make positive changes and improve the lives of adults with autism. Every year they complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire which outlines how they are doing.

You can look on the Autism Connect website to see how Sefton has done in previous self-assessments.

In 2016, Sefton has submitted another self-assessment for Autism. This page will have the evidence that will be used to support what we are saying in the self-assessment.

If you are looking for information about the support available for people with autism and their families please go to the Sefton Directory website.

Useful Documents

Asperger Passport (pdf 1.17MB)
Passport To Good Health Flyer May 2016 (pdf 731KB)
Hub Poster (pdf 241KB)
LJMU 2016 Learning Disabilities and Autism HNA Update (pdf 1.84MB)

Last Updated on 06 April 2018