Local Plan Modification Comments

Comments were invited on the Local Plan Proposed Modifications between 22 June and 3 August 2016. Approximately 1500 individual responses were received during this period. Each of the representations [comments] have been submitted to The Planning Inspector.


Copies of the representations have been uploaded to the website and will be available for viewing under the groupings below:


M 154 Williams (pdf 983KB)
M 251 Bedford (pdf 139KB)
M 390 Jackson (pdf 82KB)
M 604 Mietke (pdf 178KB)
M 604A Mietke (pdf 2.79MB)
M 794 Pickett (pdf 96KB)
M 895 Irving (pdf 110KB)
M 1318 Smith B (pdf 104KB)
M 1318 Smith (pdf 104KB)
M 1319 Tambourini (pdf 112KB)
M 1321 James A (pdf 68KB)
M 1323 Wilding (pdf 103KB)
M 1324 Tunnicliffe (pdf 69KB)
M 1327 Rimmer (pdf 1.75MB)
M 1328 Cuffe (pdf 2.43MB)
M 1330 Burford (pdf 596KB)
M 1331 Spall (pdf 742KB)
M 1332 Tambourini (pdf 1.59MB)
M 1334 Jones (pdf 988KB)
M 1335 Rodda (pdf 168KB)
M 1336 Mullacrane (pdf 150KB)
M 1337 Moore (pdf 76KB)
M 1338 Cluskey (pdf 80KB)
M 1339 Thornberry (pdf 76KB)
M 1340 Jackson (pdf 69KB)
M 1341 Higgins (pdf 67KB)
M 1342 Starkey (pdf 66KB)
M 1343 Hanley (pdf 71KB)
M 1344 Arslanian (pdf 79KB)
M 1345 Smith (pdf 47KB)
M 1346 Emery (pdf 82KB)
M 1347 Kearney (pdf 80KB)
M 1348 Breakwall (pdf 85KB)
M 1349 Roche (pdf 226KB)
M 1350 Driscoll (pdf 36KB)
M 1352 Leyland (pdf 71KB)
M 1353 Hughes (pdf 82KB)
M 1355 Inman (pdf 1.81MB)
M 1356 Horrocks (pdf 1.44MB)
M 1357 Hindley (pdf 87KB)
M 1358 Ronnie The Red Squirrel (pdf 95KB)
M 1359 Allman T (pdf 105KB)
M 1360 Allman J (pdf 112KB)
M 1361 Spencer (pdf 83KB)
M 1362 Moon (pdf 96KB)
M 1363 Deaflugs13 (pdf 29KB)
M 1364 Aspinwall (pdf 54KB)
M 1365 Makinson (pdf 95KB)
M 1366 Brougham (pdf 77KB)
M 1367 Patterson (pdf 119KB)
M 1368 Jones (pdf 98KB)
M 1369 Au (pdf 131KB)
M 1370 Coles (pdf 87KB)
M 1371 Blakeman (pdf 54KB)
M 1372 M Edwards (pdf 27KB)
M 1373 Dowling (pdf 59KB)
M 1374 Vine (pdf 90KB)
M 1375 Sweeney (pdf 128KB)
M 1377 Roche (pdf 110KB)
M 1378 Hendry (pdf 40KB)
M 1379 Rimmer (pdf 1.63MB)
M 1380 Egerton (pdf 930KB)
M 1383 Carrigan (pdf 1.77MB)
M 1384 Hunter (pdf 1.58MB)
M 1387 Swinyard (pdf 1.06MB)
M 1388 Tolley (pdf 4.15MB)
M 1388A Tolley (pdf 174KB)
M 1389 Rosemary Lane (pdf 1.01MB)
M 1391 Williams (pdf 46KB)
M 1392 Al Najjar (pdf 71KB)
M 1393 Doran (pdf 60KB)
M 1394 Ward (pdf 51KB)
M 1395 Lynch (pdf 109KB)
M 1396 Gillbanks (pdf 42KB)
M 1397 Stanistreet (pdf 547KB)
M 1400 Au (pdf 736KB)
M 1400A Au (pdf 627KB)
M 1402 Robinson (pdf 1.07MB)
M 1403 Stockell (pdf 1.94MB)
M 1404 Skelhorne (pdf 80KB)
M 1405 Dodd (pdf 72KB)
M 1406 Roe (pdf 84KB)
M 1407 Fogg (pdf 93KB)
M 1408 Norris (pdf 169KB)
M 1409 Devonside (pdf 85KB)
M 1410 Lund (pdf 31KB)
M 1411 Edwards (pdf 62KB)
M 1412 Carton (pdf 72KB)
M 1414 Deaflugs13 (pdf 91KB)
M 1416 Dodd (pdf 87KB)
M 1418 Carroll (pdf 72KB)
M 1419 Roe (pdf 69KB)
M 1420 Morle (pdf 32KB)
M 1422 Hayes (pdf 91KB)
M 1424 Zandi (pdf 80KB)
M 1425 Harris (pdf 73KB)
M 1431 Mazzanti (pdf 86KB)
M 1438 Ashworth (pdf 76KB)
M 1441 Smallwood (pdf 148KB)
M 1442 Roche (pdf 86KB)
M 1443 Meredith (pdf 53KB)
M 1444 Kirby (pdf 196KB)
M 1445 Thomas Lee (pdf 100KB)
M 1446 Thomas Lee (pdf 100KB)
M 1447 Thomas Lee (pdf 82KB)
M 1448 Morris (pdf 124KB)
M 1449 Whitaker (pdf 137KB)
M 1450 Dodd (pdf 93KB)
M 1452 Darwin (pdf 60KB)
M 1453 Glenister (pdf 83KB)
M 1454 Mcgoldrick (pdf 111KB)
M 1455 Strong (pdf 61KB)
M 1458 Kershaw (pdf 183KB)
M 1461 Mccoy (pdf 106KB)
M 1462 Tammage (pdf 69KB)
M 1463 Settle (pdf 65KB)
M 1465 Mcdonald (pdf 79KB)
M 1466 Towse (pdf 70KB)
M 1467 Settle (pdf 89KB)
M 1471 Andersen (pdf 91KB)
M 1474 Morgan (pdf 89KB)
M 1475 Sharples (pdf 81KB)
M 1476 Hough J (pdf 47KB)
M 1478 Scarrott (pdf 164KB)
M 1478A Scarrott (pdf 307KB)
M 1481 Morton (pdf 138KB)
M 1485 Iris Ryan (pdf 1.61MB)
M 1485 Ryan (pdf 192KB)
M 1491 Hulkstepp (pdf 260KB)
M 1493 Hall (pdf 109KB)
M 1494 Parks (pdf 105KB)
M 1495 Mcardle (pdf 147KB)
M 1498 Ogara (pdf 35KB)
M 1499 Richards (pdf 77KB)
M 1500 Maxwell M (pdf 80KB)
M 1500 Maxwell (pdf 92KB)
M 1501 Primuk (pdf 70KB)
M 1502 Burke (pdf 69KB)
M 1503 Burke (pdf 66KB)
M 1506 Clare (pdf 57KB)
M 1509 Wilkie D (pdf 82KB)
M 1510 Wilkie I (pdf 67KB)
M 1513 Crotty (pdf 84KB)
M 1514 Jordan (pdf 48KB)
M 1515 Phillips (pdf 134KB)
M 1518 Leyland (pdf 104KB)
M 1520 Harley (pdf 47KB)
M 1521 Smith J (pdf 71KB)
M 1522 Maxwell A (pdf 81KB)
M 1523 Hoare (pdf 70KB)
M 1524 Wright S (pdf 82KB)
M 1525 Youell (pdf 630KB)
M 1532 Kirby (pdf 42KB)
M 1533 Settle (pdf 118KB)
M 1534 Rostron (pdf 634KB)
M 1535 Mcnally (pdf 84KB)
M 1538 Jones J (pdf 79KB)
M 1540 Wilson (pdf 77KB)
M 1542 Reid Mcguire (pdf 633KB)
M 1543 Melia (pdf 68KB)
M 1544 Stockell (pdf 630KB)
M 1545 Thomas (pdf 629KB)
M 1546 Collier (pdf 66KB)
M 1548 Hoare A (pdf 75KB)
M 1549 Power (pdf 629KB)
M 1550 Giersten (pdf 85KB)
M 1551 Teale (pdf 649KB)
M 1552 Scarrott (pdf 54KB)
M 1554 Emery (pdf 614KB)
M 1559 Kehoe (pdf 50KB)
M 1560 Kehoe (pdf 50KB)
M 1585 Comish (pdf 70KB)
M 1589 Foran (pdf 63KB)
M 1591 Gibson (pdf 95KB)
M 1592 Parsons (pdf 85KB)
M 1593 Omahoney (pdf 91KB)
M 1594 Parkes (pdf 84KB)
M 1595 Thompson (pdf 98KB)
M 1599 Hinds (pdf 86KB)
M 1600 Austin (pdf 83KB)
M 1603 Langley (pdf 82KB)
M 1604 Sweeney (pdf 146KB)
M 1605 Thomson (pdf 83KB)
M 2599 Hockings (pdf 86KB)
M 2600 Tickle (pdf 103KB)
M 2601 Au (pdf 82KB)
M 2602 Duncan A (pdf 82KB)
M 2603 Dolman (pdf 206KB)


A submission containing 991 representations was made in respect of Land South of Formby Industrial Estate. Rather than list these representations individually they have been compiled into 10 separate documents. An alphabetical list of respondents can be accessed here detailing the relevant Compilation Document.

Other individual responses can be accessed directly from the list below.

Compilation 1 M 1608 To M 1699 (pdf 4.61MB)
Compilation 2 M 1700 To M 1799 (pdf 5.04MB)
Compilation 3 M 1800 To M 1899 (pdf 5.09MB)
Compilation 4 M 1900 To M 1999 (pdf 4.82MB)
Compilation 5 M 2000 To M 2099 (pdf 6.76MB)
Compilation 6 M 2100 To M 2199 (pdf 4.33MB)
Compilation 7 M 2200 To M 2299 (pdf 4.46MB)
Compilation 8 M 2300 To M 2399 (pdf 6.73MB)
Compilation 9 M 2400 To M 2509 (pdf 3.95MB)
Compilation 10 M 2510 To M 2598 (pdf 6.26MB)
M 279 Fletcher (pdf 1.57MB)
M 1179 Carr (pdf 252KB)
M 1322 Hamilton (pdf 106KB)
M 1354 Hughes (pdf 842KB)
M 1381 Locke (pdf 1.43MB)
M 1382 Anders (pdf 1.72MB)
M 1385 Hilton (pdf 1.52MB)
M 1386 Dawbarn (pdf 1.2MB)
M 1390 Fletcher (pdf 1.62MB)
M 1398 Coppell (pdf 3.39MB)
M 1401 Gallagher (pdf 1.59MB)
M 1415 Parkinson (pdf 48KB)
M 1417 Hughes (pdf 45KB)
M 1421 Lea (pdf 47KB)
M 1423 Jones (pdf 93KB)
M 1426 Irvine (pdf 160KB)
M 1427 Sanderson (pdf 308KB)
M 1428 Shimmir (pdf 196KB)
M 1429 Nichols (pdf 249KB)
M 1430 West (pdf 232KB)
M 1432 Alley (pdf 82KB)
M 1436 Ashworth (pdf 179KB)
M 1437 Mcgorman (pdf 214KB)
M 1439 Lambe (pdf 194KB)
M 1440 Garner (pdf 215KB)
M 1455 Foulkes (pdf 124KB)
M 1456 Jacques (pdf 119KB)
M 1457 Dawson (pdf 268KB)
M 1459 Browne (pdf 102KB)
M 1468 Guttridge G (pdf 146KB)
M 1469 Guttridge J (pdf 141KB)
M 1470 Franklin (pdf 96KB)
M 1472 Edwards (pdf 197KB)
M 1473 Slater P (pdf 175KB)
M 1477 Slater R (pdf 185KB)
M 1479 Newby (pdf 234KB)
M 1480 White (pdf 298KB)
M 1481A Morton (pdf 197KB)
M 1482 Brewer D (pdf 228KB)
M 1483 Brewer E (pdf 197KB)
M 1484 Hough (pdf 155KB)
M 1486 Duncan K (pdf 210KB)
M 1487 Duncan N (pdf 189KB)
M 1490 Griffiths (pdf 171KB)
M 1508 Evans D (pdf 1.4MB)
M 1512 Jones N (pdf 47KB)
M 1514 Jordan (pdf 48KB)
M 1516 Peter And Shelagh (pdf 55KB)
M 1526 Rigby (pdf 1020KB)
M 1529 Bellion (pdf 218KB)
M 1530 Dowling (pdf 1019KB)
M 1531 Bellion (pdf 206KB)
M 1539 Daley (pdf 202KB)
M 1541 Taylor (pdf 153KB)
M 1553 Moore (pdf 2.63MB)
M 1555 Jordan (pdf 576KB)
M 1557 Barraclough (pdf 575KB)
M 1561 Percy (pdf 232KB)
M 1562 Percy (pdf 218KB)
M 1563 Kavanagh (pdf 156KB)
M 1564 Cliffe (pdf 160KB)
M 1565 Kavanagh (pdf 197KB)
M 1566 Thompson (pdf 145KB)
M 1567 Eastwood (pdf 159KB)
M 1568 Carr (pdf 205KB)
M 1569 Carr (pdf 198KB)
M 1573 Woolhouse (pdf 45KB)
M 1574 Doran (pdf 310KB)
M 1575 Worthington (pdf 184KB)
M 1576 Rimmer (pdf 120KB)
M 1577 Davies (pdf 183KB)
M 1578 Bond (pdf 124KB)
M 1580 Martin (pdf 127KB)
M 1582 Wright (pdf 161KB)
M 1584 Seasman (pdf 161KB)
M 1588 Armstrong (pdf 40KB)
M 1597 Connolly (pdf 55KB)
M 1601 Kym Jones (pdf 48KB)
M 1602 Austin (pdf 77KB)
M 1606 Rimmer (pdf 174KB)


M 13 Medley (pdf 248KB)
M 56 Harvey (pdf 154KB)
M 62 Pickard (pdf 825KB)
M 77 Webb (pdf 1.15MB)
M 140 Harvey (pdf 261KB)
M 154 Williams (pdf 983KB)
M 361 Fraser (pdf 227KB)
M 383 Gore (pdf 91KB)
M 415 Neal (pdf 127KB)
M 529 Bowe (pdf 266KB)
M 585 Marsden (pdf 382KB)
M 687 Sayer (pdf 48KB)
M 687Asayer (pdf 59KB)
M 699 Maghull Lydiate AG (pdf 60KB)
M 773 Roberts (pdf 143KB)
M 886 Bradley (pdf 205KB)
M 895 Irving (pdf 111KB)
M 1075 Abbott (pdf 176KB)
M 1320 James K (pdf 66KB)
M 1325 Kellaway (pdf 1.9MB)
M 1326 Trainer Merged (pdf 7.76MB)
M 1329 Standeven (pdf 66KB)
M 1333 Oakes (pdf 603KB)
M 1433 Barnes (pdf 271KB)
M 1434 Mckernan (pdf 91KB)
M 1496 Moran (pdf 103KB)
M 1497 G E Jones (pdf 73KB)
M 1504 Moran (pdf 293KB)
M 1505 Hill (pdf 150KB)
M 1507 Warren (pdf 211KB)
M 1579 Williams (pdf 152KB)
M 1581 Griggs (pdf 155KB)
M 1583 Bell (pdf 159KB)
M 1587 Goodwin (pdf 45KB)
M 1596 Harper (pdf 143KB)

If your comment is not available online and you submitted it during the consultation period please contact the Local Plan Team at local.plan@sefton.gov.uk and we will seek to rectify the problem.

Last Updated on 10 October 2017