Paying for respite or short term residential or nursing home care

Please note the information below is effective from Monday 6th April 2015
Information for people who have been assessed as needing short term care or respite in a residential care or nursing home and who are seeking help from the Adult Social Care Department to pay the costs.
Sefton Council charges for places they arrange in residential or nursing homes even if you are staying at the home for only a short time.

If you have capital above £23,250, either in your own right or as your share of any capital held jointly with a spouse/partner you will have to pay the full cost of the residential or nursing home.

Capital may not be given away in order to reduce care costs.If this has occurred the Council may treat you as still having the capital asset. If you own the property you live in this is not included as a capital asset.

If you have capital of £23,250 or below, either in your own right or as a share of capital held jointly, you will pay a flat rate charge for your respite or short term stay. The amount you pay is determined by your age:

  • 18 -24 years a maximum charge of £65.25 per week,
  • 25 - 62 years a maximum charge of £80.45 per week,
  • 63 years or over a maximum charge of £91.05 per week.

If you enter a home that is more expensive than Sefton's contracted rate, then Sefton will only pay up to the contracted rate. For example, if the contracted rate is £393 and the home charges you £403 then there will be a shortfall to pay of £10 in addition to your charge as listed above.

Please Note

1. Capital may not be given away in order to reduce care costs. If this has occured the local authority may treat you as if you still had the asset.

2. The value of your property is not taken into account during a financial assessment for short term care or respite.


Last Updated on 18 December 2017

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