Local Plan Proposed Modifications

The Sefton Local Plan was considered at examination hearings November and December 2015 and January 2016. In his Initial Findings EX.102 (February 2016) the Planning Inspector indicated that the plan is sound subject to modifications. He also published Initial Findings - Retail EX.107. The Council received comments on these proposed modifications during June/July 2016. 

  • Comments made during the modification stage are published here

Following this Proposed Modifications consultation the Planning Inspector reconvened the examination hearings for the Sefton Local Plan. These sessions were held on 1st and 2nd November 2016.  The Inspector invited further comments on a limited range of issues by 5th January 2017. For further information about this including representations made see Local Plan Reconvened Hearings Comments - Nov 2016.

For further information regarding the Inspector’s consideration of the evidence and representations relating to the reconvened hearings see the Local Plan webpage.

The Inspector indicated in his note on employment sites in Formby EX.129 (January 2017) that he would move towards writing his final report.

The examination is now closed, as the Council has received the Inspector's Report on the Sefton Local Plan:

More information on the timesecale for adoption will be provided as soon as possible. For further information see the Local Plan webpage.

Key Proposed Modifications documents

Schedule of Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan, June 2016 (pdf 2.12MB)
Local Plan – Proposed Modifications, June 2016 [modifications shown] (pdf 4.53MB)
Schedule of Proposed Modifications to the Policies Map of the Sefton Local Plan (pdf 7.88MB)
Schedule of Proposed Modifications to the Policies Map of the Sefton Local Plan [Part 2] (pdf 4.95MB)
Southport Policy Map (pdf 7.45MB)
Formby Policy Map (pdf 3.3MB)
Bootle And Crosby Policy Map (pdf 5.39MB)
Sefton East Parishes Policy Map (pdf 4.82MB)
Local Plan Modifications – Sustainability Appraisal Addendum (pdf 843KB)
Habitats Regulations Assessment to Proposed Modifications to Local Plan (pdf 1.32MB)
Comment Form (pdf 216KB)

If all the modifications were accepted the Local Plan would read as follows (please note this is for illustrative purposes only).

     Local Plan - Proposed Modifications, June 2016 (modifications accepted)

The Local Plan has been informed by a whole range of supporting information and evidence.  This can be viewed in the Local Plan examination library

More information about the Local Plan is available here.

Last Updated on 10 October 2017