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EHM Support Session Dates

Support sessions will be held on a monthly basis for users of the EHM system to assist with any issues or queries when using EHM. Places on these sessions are limited, therefore, it is essential to book your place by completing the online booking form. Please indicate which session you wish to attend when applying for a place.

You must be a user of the EHM System to attend one of the support sessions.

DateSession TimesVenue
Tuesday 2 October 2018 9.30 – 12.30 Corporate Learning Centre, Ainsdale
13.30 – 16.30
Monday 3 December 2018 9.30 – 12.30 Corporate Learning Centre, Ainsdale
13.30 – 16.30
Wednesday 27 February 2019 9.30 – 12.30 Corporate Learning Centre, Ainsdale
13.30 – 16.30

How to get help using the EHM system

If you have any problems either accessing or using EHM please contact Ruth Rice on 0151 934 2294. Alternatively email for support.

User Guides

EHM Login And Customisation Manual (pdf 427KB)
EHM Contacts User Manual (pdf 404KB)
EHM Case Notes Manual (pdf 316KB)
EHM Case Transfer Process (pdf 261KB)
EHM Recording Consent Manual (pdf 371KB)
Closing An EHM Plan And Episode (pdf 157KB)

Hints and Tips

Case notes should be used to record any communication with the family or other practitioners working with the family.

Case notes should NOT be used to record:

  • that an episode should be closed; or
  • information already recoded elsewhere e.g. information incorporated in the action plan or meeting outcomes form.

Click on the Active Episode box on the EHM Pathway, then click on the Decision Tab.  Click ‘Start’ next to Episode Completed and enter the date of the closure or click on today’s date.

Confirm that you wish to close the episode and start the episode closure form, ensure you select to copy forward from the episode start form.

Closing episode in eCAF

In update relationships tick the box that says “Do NOT print this relationship in forms”

eCAF - do not print screenshot

On your worktray, choose the group option of “Person” and then click on “Full Caseload” on the right-hand corner of the screen, or click on the tiles screen and view Cases where I am the Lead Practitioner etc. 

eCAF worktray screenshot

Click on the spanner icon on the worktray menu and select “Tray Publications”

  • Consent should be sought and recoded on EHM when you first engage with the family (Remember to add who gave consent)
  • A new consent statement should be completed whenever there is a change to the team around the family
  • A new consent statement should be completed if the family withdraw consent.

To set up a meeting for more than one child ensure all children are part of the episode and then click on the “Active Episode” section of the pathway, click on the “Decisions” tab and select “Organise next meeting”.

eCAF arrange next meeting screenshot

Any team around the family meeting (TAF) should be recorded from within the meeting process screen on EHM.

TAF Screenshot

To add the date, time and venue selected 'Update Meeting Details and Scheduling'.

To record who attended the meeting select 'Add Attendee'.

To record the action plan and meeting outcomes select 'meeting Held – Write up Outcomes' and complete the Action Plan and Review form.

If after you have searched thoroughly, you cannot find a child on EHM, please contact your Manager to create the child. If your manager is not available you can request it to be created by emailing, you will need to inform them of the Child’s name, date of birth (or age), gender and address as a minimum.

  • Access Account from the menu bar
  • Select "Security Questions"
  • Amend your security questions and Answers, to save the changes select "Update"

EHM changing security questions

The Early Help Coordinators can:

  • Support you to initiate and lead an Early Help Plan
  • Provide 1:1 advice and guidance about different ways to support families you are working with on an Early Help Plan
  • Visit your team to talk about different ways to support families using the Early Help Pathway
  • Guide you through the Early Help processes and procedures (including the Sefton Turnaround Programme, Step Up and the Early Help Module)
  • Provide you with information about the range of services available to families in your locality

Early Help Co-ordinators:

Suzanne Boylan North 07973 457783
Helen Peckham Mid 07967 128504
Alison Walsh South 1 07977 340208
Alison Tinsley South 2 07891 398378

You can find out who your Early Help Co-ordinator is by entering your postcode into the "How to find Locality" section on our EHM page.

If your Early Help Coordinator is unavailable you can contact the Early Help Gateway ( for support.


Last Updated on 05 September 2018