School Admissions

This page provides the main information for parents/Carers about the processes for applying for a place at a school in Sefton.

Starting Primary or Secondary School in September 2019

If you require a place for your child either starting school (reception class) or starting secondary school for the first time in September 2019, please see the relevant information below: 

A Guide For Parents & Carers - Applying for a School Place (2019/20) (pdf 858KB)
Sefton Primary and Secondary Schools - Admissions Information Booklet (pdf 7.96MB)

School Admission Arrangements can be found on the Policy and Reports page.

If you have read the above information and are ready to apply for your place you can apply online via the Citizen Portal.

In year School Admissions and School Transfers

If you have moved in to Sefton or are moving in to Sefton and require a school place for your child you can find the relevant information and application forms below

In Year Admissions And Transfers Policy 2018-19 (pdf 420KB)
In Year School Admissions A Guide For Parents And Carers (pdf 621KB)
In Year School Admissions Application Form A1 (pdf 367KB)
In Year School Transfers A Guide For Parents And Carers (pdf 482KB)
In Year School Transfers Application Form T1 (pdf 424KB)

School Admission Appeals

If your child has been refused a place at a school by the Admission Authority (or via a Fair Access Panel decision), you have the right to submit an appeal against this decision, to an Independent Appeal Panel. You can find the relevant information on how to submit an appeal against this decision below:

Admission Appeals Fact Sheet (pdf 366KB)
Admission Appeals Timetable 2019 (pdf 274KB)

Further details will also be provided to you in the decision letter sent to you when your application has been processed (In Year Admissions) or on the National Offer Days for Primary & Secondary School Admissions.

Home to School Transport

If you think your child may be eligible for Home to School Transport please see the information and application forms below. 

Sefton Home To School Transport Policy 2018-19 (pdf 843KB)
Post 16 Transport Policy Statement 2018-19 (pdf 899KB)
Post 16 Specialist Transport Application Form (New Students) 2018-19 (pdf 275KB)
School Pupil Travel Pass Application 2018-19 (pdf 312KB)
School Pupil Specialist Transport Request Form 2018-19 (pdf 323KB)

Applying for year 10 admission (to Technical Colleges / Studio Schools or 14-16 provision)

If you are considering applying for a place at a 14-16 College, Studio School & U.T.C Please ensure that apply for admission directly to the school/college concerned.  More information can be found using the link below

Yr 10 Admission to a UTC, Studio School or 14-16 provision 

School Admissions Policy and Reports

View the School Admissions Policy and Reports page which includes the 'Determined Admissions Arrangements for 2019-20 for Primary & Secondary Schools' and the 'Report to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator - 2018'. 

Last Updated on 17 October 2018