Early Help Update – Changes to Early Help Process

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) has supported Sefton families with additional needs since 2006. The Early Help Family Support Pathway will now replace the Common Assessment Framework however will continue to embody the ethos of Assessment – Plan - Review.

The changes are being made against a background of improvements to Early Help practice to ensure that children and families access the right intervention at the right time with the least change of worker.  Over the past 18 months significant improvements to the early help family support pathway have taken place in Sefton resulting in a greater responsibility for practitioners and services to record and evidence their early help practice.

In discussing the 2014 annual report, LSCB members agreed to a different model of delivery which more closely aligned practice with the core principles of the family support pathway i.e.: 

  • Outcomes plan based on a clear assessment of need
  • Lead Practitioner to support the meeting of the children’s needs through the above plan and coordinated Team Around the Family (TAF)
  • Early Help Assessments that clearly underpin Early Help support and action plans

Along with supporting tools available on the ‘Early Help Information for Professionals’ webpage there is ongoing Awareness, Assessor and Lead Practitioner training available.

You can find out more about Early Help and how it can help families by contacting the Early Help Triage Team by email

Last Updated on 30 August 2018