Emerging Supplementary Planning Documents

Emerging Supplementary Planning Documents update 

The Council recently consulted on a number of draft SPDs and Information Notes:

We are currently assessing the comments made and will take account of them before we finalise the SPDs and Information Notes later this Summer.

Also the Council has begun or intends this year to begin work on a number of other new or updated Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) and Information Notes to support the policies in its Adopted Local Plan.

These will cover a range of topics and areas:

• Design SPD (review)
• Crosby Coastal Park SPD

We consulted on the suggested scope (the issues and broad context) of these six SPDs and the SuDS and Flood Risk Information Note in Summer 2017 (see SPD scoping document). A summary of the responses made is set out below.

Information relating to the Affordable and Special Needs Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is shown below:

There will be further opportunity to comment on the draft SPDs and Information Notes once we have written the draft documents. We will advertise separately when this opportunity arises.

Last Updated on 16 April 2018