Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

Budget Statement 2017/18

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is a strategic body charged with overseeing certain functions on behalf of, and in partnership with, the six district Councils that form the Liverpool City Region.

The Combined Authority’s function is to coordinate the delivery of economic growth across the City Region.  It has particular responsibilities for regeneration, employment and skills, housing and transport.

This activity is directly funded from the Combined Authority’s budget, which is made up of a number of funding sources.

As part of its transport responsibilities the Combined Authority provides resources to facilitate the delivery of transport activities within Halton Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral.  

This is funded through a series of transport levies across each of the six Councils.

A transport levy funds the provision of transport-related services delivered by Merseytravel across the City Region outside Halton, including such services as concessionary travel, certain subsidised bus services, the Mersey Ferries and a range of other services.

The transport levy for each of the Merseyside Councils within the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is presented below.

Transport Levy 2017/18


Transport Levy



Transport Levy



Knowsley 11,093 10,045
Liverpool 35,843 32,660
St Helens 13,425 12,120
Sefton 20,724 18,677
Wirral 24,315 21,899
Total 105,400 95,400

For historical and legal reasons Halton Council currently provide transport activities, including concessionary travel and some supported bus services, directly within the boundaries of the borough of Halton. 

This is funded through a differential transport levy collected by Halton on behalf of the Combined Authority, paid over to the Combined Authority, who, in turn, commit a grant to Halton. This levy will be £3.5m for 2017/18.

Mr John Fogarty, B.A. Hons, I.P.F.A.
Treasurer of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and Director of Resources at Merseytravel

Mayor Steve Rotheram,
Chair of the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

Last Updated on 04 January 2018

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