Early Help information for professionals

In Sefton the Early Help Assessment is our multi agency assessment tool. This assessment helps practitioners working with children, young people and families to assess their needs. The process is intended to ensure that children and young people receive the right support at an early stage and that services are delivered in a more co-ordinated way.

The assessment provides all practitioners working with children, young people and families with a common process to follow, including: 

  • A simple to use form to assess and record additional needs.
  • A delivery plan and review form.
  • Early Help Module (EHM), an electronic tool to record and share Early Help information.
  • Quality assurance to ensure consistent practice and avoid drift

Support under Early Help is voluntary and consent is required from parents and carers before they can begin. This support should be offered to children who have additional needs to those being met by universal services.

This process should NOT be used for a child or young person about whom you have concerns that they might be suffering, or at risk of suffering harm. In such instances, you should follow your Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) safeguarding procedures without delay. If you are unsure what to do, contact Sefton's Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 0345 140 0845.

If you require any information or advice about this process please email us at EIP.Gateway@sefton.gcsx.gov.uk

Sefton Family Support Services

You can also find information about local services that support families on the Sefton Directory and on Sefton’s Voluntary, Community and Faith (VCF) Sector service directory.

Ensuring document security

As part of your role as a children’s service provider you may sometimes create and share documents with others outside your organisation. When these documents contain sensitive or personal information it is important that the document is kept secure so only those who are supposed to read it can do so. View details of how to password protect a Microsoft word file.



Guidance - Assessment V1.1 (word 494KB)
Guidance - Lead Practitioner V1.0 (word 358KB)
Disclosure of data (pdf 150KB)
Disclosure flow chart (word 40KB)


The Pre Assessment form below is only to be used by the following services:

  • All Adult Services (where children are affected by Adult needs)
  • GPs
  • Police
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Midwives

The following forms are for use if you do not have access to EHM only.  If you do have access to EHM please use the forms on that system.

Early Help Consent Statement (word 55KB)
EHM Contact Form (word 69KB)
Sefton EHAT Pre Assessment Tool (word 145KB)
Early Help Assessment Form (word 92KB)
Early Help Assessment – Siblings Details Form (word 44KB)
TAF Action Plan (word 22KB)
Early Help Plan Closure Form V1.0 (word 95KB)
Exemplary Early Help Assessment (word 128KB)
Exemplary TAF Action Plan (macro-enabled) (docm 83KB)
Exemplary EH New Assessment (inc TF) - Word Document (word 102KB)
Exemplary EH New Assessment (inc TF) (pdf 51KB)

Letters templates

Letter - Assessment Completed Initial TAF Invite (Parent) (word 28KB)
Letter - Assessment Completed Initial TAF Invite (Practitioners) (word 29KB)
Letter - TAF Action Plan Circulation (Parents and Practitioners) (word 28KB)
Letter - Closure Of TAF Plan (Parent) (word 28KB)
Letter - Closure Of TAF Plan (Practitioners) (word 29KB)

Last Updated on 06 June 2018