Setting up a new childcare business

If you are setting up as a new childminding business in Sefton, you may be eligible for a start up grant between £500 - £1000.

Whether starting a childminding business in your own home or on a new business premises, Sefton Council's School Readiness Team offer advice and support for those who choose to set up new day nursery, pre-school playgroup or out of school provision. This includes advice on completing registration applications and guidance on meeting Ofsted requirements, such as support in the preparation for Ofsted inspection, advice on staff ratios and qualifications, EYFS, statutory safeguarding and welfare requirements.   

We can also provide you with statistics around existing childcare numbers in the area you are considering setting up your business.

For more information, please contact Sefton Families Information Service at or on 0345 140 0845.

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The Women's Organisation provides free business advice and support for women setting up or growing their own business, including one-to-one business advice and business planning courses. For more information please visit The Women's Organisation website.

There is no financial support available from Sefton Council.

Sefton’s School Readiness Service can provide you with pre-registration and pre-inspection guidance and support.

All registered childminders in Sefton are expected to agree to support visits from a Sefton Quality Improvement Officer from the School Readiness Service.

Should you decide to go ahead with the registration process you must have completed training which helps you understand and implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  This can be covered by completing a course run by the School Readiness Service, or online with Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY).  The course covers the Statutory Guidance and Learning and Development within the EYFS.  You must also complete a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Course, Food Safety in Catering and the NSPCC Child Protection on-line training.

Pre-registration briefing session

The briefing will cover Ofsted regulations and a typical day in the life of a childminder.

This session will cost £20.

Introduction to Childminding Practic

This is delivered over 2 Saturdays at venues across Sefton.

This course will cost £150.
Paediatric First Aid Course

This is not delivered directly by Sefton Council. It can be accessed through a number of approved training providers. Typically it will cost around £55 for this course.

For further information on becoming a registered childminder please contact the School Readiness Service, contact Collette Williams  on 0151 934 3174 or by email /
Sue Kirk on 0151 934 3165  or by email

Sefton’s School Readiness Service provides the initial and the ongoing support to assist childcare providers to meet the safeguarding and welfare requirements, to build and improve the quality of provision and to improve the learning and development outcomes for children.

Sefton’s School Readiness Service produces an annual training booklet which offers a number of short training courses to keep the skills of your staff relevant and up to date. The courses offered will assist you in meeting Ofsted standards and the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory requirements. They include Paedriatric First Aid, Food Safety, Safeguarding, and Risk Assessments.

Please note that (in order to maintain both the quality and quantity of the training provided) there is now a credit and/or charging system in place for providers who wish to access the training programme. This allows providers to access some "free" training and/or purchase additional training.

Registered childminders are self-employed and look after children in the childminder’s own home. Children can go to a childminder from a few months of age right through until they reach secondary school, thus offering real continuity of care in a home-based setting. Childminders provide your child with care, learning and play opportunities and lots of fun in family sized groups within a home setting. They can make the most of their local parks, playgrounds, toy libraries, drop-in groups, community centres and children's centres. For more information please visit our childminding page.

The briefing will cover Ofsted regulations and a typical day in the life of a childminder.

This session will cost £20.

Last Updated on 28 June 2017