Getting married

In Sefton a civil marriage ceremony or civil partnership can take place at Southport Town Hall, Waterloo Town Hall or at any venue which has been approved by Sefton Council.

Marriage venues
Southport Town Hall has two classically decorated rooms which are licenced for civil ceremonies. The Council Chamber holds up to 80 people and the Ante Room holds up to 20 people. Both rooms are available Monday – Friday and Saturday (morning only). Contact Southport Register Office on 0151 934 2012 to discuss availability.

Waterloo Town Hall has two tastefully decorated rooms which are licenced for civil ceremonies. The Council Chamber holds up to 80 people and the Mayors Parlour holds up to 20 people. Both rooms are available Monday – Friday and Saturday (morning only). Contact Waterloo Register Office on 0151 934 3045 to discuss availability.

If you want to marry or form a civil partnership in England or Wales you must make an appointment to give notice at the Register Office in the district where you have lived for the 8 nights immediately before giving notice, regardless of where you intend to hold your ceremony.

However if you are getting married in the Church of England or Church of Wales please contact the vicar of the church for advice on the legal requirements and fees.

If you live in Sefton you can give notice at either Southport Register Office, Town Hall, Corporation Street, Southport PR8 1DA (Tel: 0151 934 2012) or Crosby Register Office, Town Hall, Great Georges Road, Waterloo L22 1RB (Tel: 0151 934 3045).

The notices are displayed on the public notice board at the Register Office for 28 clear days (in Sefton all notices are displayed at the Southport office), after which the authorities for marriage or civil partnership schedule will be issued.

Your ceremony can then take place at the venue stated up to 12 months from the date that you gave notice.

If you change the place of your wedding/ civil partnership, or delay the date until later than 12 months from the date that you gave notice, you will need to give fresh notices and pay your notice fees again.

Under the Marriage Act 1994 civil marriages and civil partnerships may be solemnised at a variety of locations, including hotels and sporting venues. These locations are known as Approved Premises. 

The latest list of Sefton’s approved premises is held at Southport Register Office and currently includes the following venues:

In addition to the cost of giving notice (currently £35 each) the ceremony fees for Southport and Waterloo Town Halls are:

  • Monday – Thursday £189 (includes 1 certificate) 
  • Friday & Saturday £209 (includes 1 certificate)
  • The Ante Room at Southport Town Hall and the Mayors Parlour at Waterloo Town Hall can be booked for a simple, basic ceremony for a cost of £50 (includes 1 certificate).This ceremony is for a maximum of 10 people, including bride and groom and is available from Monday – Friday at 9.30am only.

The charges at approved venues are: 

  • Monday – Thursday £344 (includes 1 certificate)
  • Friday & Saturday £404 (includes 1 certificate)
  • Sunday & Bank holidays £519 (includes 1 certificate)

These fees apply to ceremonies up to, and including, 4.30pm. If you wish to hold your ceremony at a later time please contact the Register Office on 0151 934 2012 or 0151 934 3045. Please note that the above fees are separate from any other fees charged by the venue.

We will be able to make a provisional booking for an Approved Venue or the Town Halls for ceremonies which will take place up to 30th June 2020. You will need to pay non-refundable reservation booking fee of £40 at the time of booking to secure the booking.

Please contact us before you confirm a date with your chosen venue as we may not have availability on the date that you want.

You will need to provide evidence of your name, age, nationality, address and condition. The most commonly accepted documents are:

If you are unable to provide any of the above documents please contact the Register Office for advice.

The fee to give notice is £35 each and is payable at the time that you give notice.

The Sefton Registration Service offers you the opportunity to renew your vows.

The ceremony is for any married couple who wish to celebrate renewing their marriage vows in a unique and personal ceremony.

Fees range from £189 to £519 depending on the day of the week and where the ceremony will be held.

Contact to enquire about this service.

A civil ceremony can take place in a register office or other building licensed for marriage ceremonies. The ceremony is conducted by a registration officer and cannot have any religious content.

A religious ceremony can take place in a church, chapel or other building of religious worship which has been formally registered for marriage ceremonies. The service is conducted by the minister in accordance with the religious rites and ceremonies of the premises.


Last Updated on 07 February 2018