Standards and conditions

If you live in rented accommodation, our role is to ensure that your home is of a decent standard, safe and comfortable.

Landlords have a duty to maintain their properties by carrying out necessary repairs and tenants also have a responsibility to keep the properties in a good condition. The standards you can expect, and your responsibilities as a tenant, will be set out in your tenancy agreement.

What if my house doesn’t meet these standards?

If you feel that your home is not being properly maintained, you should discuss your concerns with your landlord in the first instance, and give them a reasonable amount of time to get the work done. If your landlord fails to carry out any work, you can contact us to discuss your concerns and we will investigate.

The way we will try to resolve the problem depends on how severe the problem is and can range from speaking to your landlord informally, to serving a formal notice on them, which gives them a fixed period of time to carry out repair work.  An officer will arrange to inspect your property under the Housing Act 2004.

The inspection will rate the premises using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). This requires a full survey of the dwelling to take place to collect the evidence of its condition. The officer will keep you informed on what is being done to resolve your problem. 

The assessment is made based on the condition of the whole dwelling.

  • The likelihood of something happening to harm the occupiers
  • The possible outcomes of such an occurrence
  • How it will affect vulnerable groups

We have a duty to take action to deal with Category One Hazards and discretionary powers to take action to deal with Category Two Hazards.

What can Sefton Council do? 

  • Serve an Improvement Notice 
  • Make a Prohibition Order (similar to the current Closing Order provision) 
  • Serve a Hazard Awareness Notice (a notice advising the person on whom it is served that a hazard exists) 
  • Take Emergency Remedial Action 
  • Make an Emergency Prohibition Order (these 2 emergency provisions are a new concept which will be welcomed to deal with imminent risks to occupiers) 
  • Make a Demolition Order 
  • Declare a Clearance Area

Fees apply to the property owner for these enforcement actions. Please refer to our housing charges - Link to  housing charges