Public Health

Public Health is about improving the health of local residents, prevent risks to public health and reduce health inequalities to help people live longer, healthier lives.

• Health Protection
• Health Improvement
• Health Care Public Health

On 1 April 2013, Sefton Council took over responsibility for Public Health. The improvement of the borough’s health will be achieved through the delivery of the Sefton Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Public Health functions are grouped into four areas:

  • Improving the wider determinants of health
  • Health improvement
  • Health protection
  • Health care public health. 

Wider Determinants
Improving wider determinants of health takes action on creating and maintaining healthier environments (through housing, transport, planning and licensing) and improving health through employment and education

Health Protection
Public Health has a duty to protect the public’s health in relation to emergency preparedness, environmental hazards and infectious diseases.

Health Improvement
Health Improvement helps people live healthy lives, make healthy choices and reduce unhealthy behaviours by promoting positive health behaviours

Health Care Public Health
The role of Public Health in health care is to enable the prevention and treatment of avoidable illness and to support those with long-term conditions to live healthier lives.

Public Health Intelligence Team
Sefton’s Public Health Intelligence Team can offer analyses and expertise for health-related planning and decision making. This includes analysis of a wide range of information, such as data collected at the registration of a birth or death to understand more about the health and care needs in the area.

Key Behaviour topics:
• Breastfeeding support
• Chlamydia screening
• Positive mental wellbeing
• Healthy weight
• Sensible drinking
• Stop smoking

In addition to these key topics there are five specific responsibilities as described by law, these are:
1. Health protection: helping protect people from the dangers of communicable diseases and environmental threats
2. Sexual health: commissioning services
3. Publishing health advice and supporting primary care
4. Measuring primary school children’s height and weight
5. Managing health checks every five years for eligible 40 to 74 year olds

Public Health has resources on alcohol, stop smoking, mental health and wellbeing, healthy eating/healthy weight, cancer screening, immunisations and Health Checks.

Sefton Public Health Annual Report (pdf 947KB)

Last Updated on 13 July 2016