Local Plan

Additional Sites Consultation

The Council are currently consulting on sites being promoted for development through the Local Plan by landowners, developers or their agents. Please click here for further details.

The Local Plan will shape the future of Sefton for years to come. It will set out how new development will be managed in the period from 2015 to 2030, it encourages sustainable development and economic growth and it gives current and future generations more opportunities to live and work in Sefton’s outstanding environment.

We are currently working on our Local Plan. A draft Local Plan [the ‘preferred option’] was available for comment from July to September 2013.

Almost 1200 individual comments were received during this consultation phase.

These comments, and further studies, will help as we prepare the next draft of the Local Plan. This is expected to be published in September 2014. Further information on the next stages of the Local Plan can be found in the Local Development Scheme.

A Waste Local Plan for Merseyside was adopted in July 2013. This forms part of Sefton’s development plan.

Until the Local Plan is adopted, policies in the Unitary Development Plan and National Planning Policy Framework will be the key consideration when we make decisions on planning proposals.

The Local Plan is also supported by a range of evidence and studies.