Local Plan

The Local Plan was approved by Council for publication on 22 January. The publication period is Friday 30 January to Friday 27 March 2015.

Comments [or 'representations'] on the Local Plan, including any supporting information, should be made in writing by Friday 27 March 2015. We cannot accept any comments after this date.

Comments should be made, preferably using the form below, and sent to the Local Plan team at local.plan@sefton.gov.uk or Magdalen House, 30 Trinity Road, Bootle, L20 3NJ.

Local Plan Representation Form (online form)

Local Plan Representation Form (pdf 114 KB)
Local Plan Representation Form (Word Version) (word 30 KB)
Guidance Note for completing Representation Form (pdf 349 KB)
Statement Of Representation Procedure (pdf 66 KB)

The information that you provide will only be used by the Council in the development of the Sefton Local Plan. A completed form or response by letter/email is a public document and  will be made available for inspection and placed on the Council’s website (personal details other than name of organisation/individual will be removed from the version published on the internet) and kept as part of the supporting documents relating to the Local Plan.

Local Plan Documents

Paper copies of the Local Plan [including maps] are available at a charge [£18 for residents and community groups, £22 for developers or commercial organisations].

Contact the Local Plan team - see above.

A Local Plan for Sefton, Publication Draft, January 2015 (pdf 4.73 MB)
Southport Policy Map (pdf 7.16 MB)
Formby Policy Map (pdf 4.92 MB)
Bootle And Crosby Policy Map (pdf 5.7 MB)
Sefton East Policy Map (pdf 5.61 MB)

Supporting Information

Council Report of 22nd January (pdf 616 KB)
Duty To Cooperate Statement (pdf 1.04 MB)
Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2014 (pdf 1.1 MB)
Local Plan Equalities Assessment (pdf 543 KB)
FAQs January 2015 (pdf 102 KB)

Local Plan Site Selection

Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) 

Report of Preferred Options Consultation (Part 1)

Report of Preferred Options Consultation (Part 2)

Planning Studies

Draft Local Plan Maps

 What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan will shape the future of Sefton for years to come. It will set out how new development will be managed in the period from 2015 to 2030, it encourages sustainable development and economic growth and it gives current and future generations more opportunities to live and work in Sefton’s outstanding environment.

A Local Plan for Sefton, Publication Draft 2015 - Individual Chapters

Chapter One - Introduction and Duty to Co Operate (pdf 602 KB)
Chapter Two - Profile of Sefton (pdf 1.44 MB)
Chapter Three - Key Issues and Challenges, Vision and Objectives (pdf 459 KB)
Chapter Four - Developing a Strategy for Sefton (pdf 706 KB)
Chapter Five - Sustainable Development (pdf 365 KB)
Chapter Six - Meeting Sefton's Needs (pdf 725 KB)
Chapter Seven - Economic Development and Regeneration (pdf 920 KB)
Chapter Eight - Housing and Communities (pdf 647 KB)
Chapter Nine - Infrastructure (pdf 419 KB)
Chapter Ten - Design and Environmental Quality (pdf 682 KB)
Chapter Eleven - Natural and Heritage Assets (pdf 946 KB)
Chapter Twelve - Plan Implementation and Monitoring (pdf 280 KB)
Glossary (pdf 683 KB)
Appendix One - Site Specific Requirements (pdf 380 KB)
Appendix Two - Nature Conservation Enhancement (pdf 744 KB)
Appendix Three - Local Plan Monitoring (pdf 360 KB)
Appendix Four - Supplementary Planning Documents (pdf 246 KB)

What is the next stage?

  • Following the eight week period for comments, the Council will submit the Local Plan and all comments made to the Planning Inspectorate.
  • An examination will be held into the Sefton Local Plan, with formal hearings expected to take place later this year. We will provide dates when these are confirmed.
  • The Inspector will report the findings of the examination, setting out whether the Local Plan is 'sound', 'unsound' or whether any modifications are required.
  • If the Inspector finds the Sefton Local Plan 'sound' we will then adopt the Local Plan.