Bulky item collections

The bulky item collection service is available for a £5.00 charge for the collection of up to 3 bulky household items. To arrange a collection please contact us on 0845 140 0845.

We aim to schedule a collection within 15 working days of receiving a request but this may vary with demand and the availability of the customer. We can only collect a maximum of 3 items.

Please see both the item list below for details of the items we do or don't take and note the terms and conditions the that apply.

We DO take We DON'T take
Gates (Metal 4ft or less) Domestic Waste
Radiators NO wood – unless furniture
Garden waste (if you do not have a green wheelie bin) Fencing / Sheds
1 bag of toys Windows/frames
1 bag of household items Bannister rails
1 bag of carpet or underlay Laminate flooring / Floorboards
Carpets - no more than 6ft in length Garage doors
Beds (1 item each for Mattress, base and headboard – together counts as 3 items) Carpet gripper rods
Cupboards Glass
Sofas (A 3 piece Suite counts as 3 items) Glass doors
Tables Pipes
Chairs Paving Flags
Wardrobes Bricks
Interior doors without glass or if the glass is taped up and secure Concrete posts
Fridges & Freezers Ceramic tiles / Roof tiles
Tumble driers / Washing Machines Building material / rubble
Cookers / Microwaves Soil
Boilers Industrial fridges
Water tanks – not asbestos Car wheels, parts, or batteries
Lawn mowers / Garden tools Supermarket shopping trolleys
Power washers Pianos
Stainless steel sinks Any asbestos item
Punch bags Tins / drums of paint or fluids
Stone or ceramic kitchen sinks and toilets
Weight lifting equipment and weights
Workout benches or treadmills 
Fireplace / Fire surround